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what software are cnc routers using
guangzhou crossway industry co,.ltd company homepage / 2014-01-16

firstly : you need to see where you purchased the cnc router , if the cnc router which are purchased from china. so follows details can get point for you question

1. mostly china cnc routers are using two type of software : one software is design software , other one is control software.

2. design software is for design what job you want to do , and design software has 2D design software and 3D software .

    (1) 2D software used artcut (wentai) software.

    (2)3D software used Type3, JD,UG,artcam,and more 3D design software

3. control software used NC-sdedio to control cnc router left ,right,up,donw.

4.Then read G code by CNC router control system (such as MACH), to finish machining works.