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What materials can working with our laser engraver cutter
guangzhou crossway industry co,.ltd company homepage / 2013-01-11

Our laser engraver with a CO2 laser tube can process any non-metal material and even anodized or Cerdec metal by etching or cutting. Refer to the following materials:

1.Acrylic               2.Anodized Aluminum     3. Anodized metal
4.Bamboo           5.Carbide               6.Cardboard
7.Ceramics         8.Composites            9.Cork
10.Crystal coated metal                    11.Fabric
12.Fiberglass    13.Foam                 14.Glass 
15.Kevlar            16.Laminated plastic    17.Leather
18.Marble           19.Matte board          20.Melamine
21.Mylar               22.Nylon                23.Painted metals
24.Painted materials                       25.Paper
26.Plastic            27.Polyester            28.Polyester film
30.Rubber          31.Silicon              32Stone
33.Styrene          34.Tile                 35.Veneer
36.Vinyl               37.Wood