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Best 1.8m Eco Solvent printer With XP600 DX7 DX7 Head

Best 1.8m Eco Solvent printer With XP600 DX7 DX7 Head


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Goods Brief:

1 The unique Micro piezo technology can control the ink drop volume exactly.
Make sure the high resolution.
2 The Temperature compensation technology can make sure every nozzle's working speed and stability.
3 Adopt the VSDT technology, so it can change the ink drop volume according to the pictures that customer offered. It can make sure you high speed and good resolution at the same time.

1 Adopt Orginal Epson DX7 DX5 print head, 1440DPI resolution.
2 Support different types of ink, such as water-based ink, eco solvent ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink
3 The print head can be adjust 1-5mm according to the materials that you use.
4 YMCK KCMY alinement can avoid the pass line when you printing.
5 Special gradual feather function use the Micro-Wave technology to avoid the pass line

Parameter: (The machine has different model as CY-1600 And CY-1800 and CY-3200. please confirm us which model you buy before you make a order.)
Print head: Orginal Epson DX 7 or DX5 print head.
Ink: Double colours (Y M C K, K C M Y)
Working table: Modle CY1600(max size 1.6m) / Model CY1800 max 1.85m/ Model CY3200 max 3.25M
Printing width: Modle CY1600(max size 1.52m) / Model CY1800 max 1.8m/ Model CY3200 max 3.2M
Speed: 2 pass 32 square meters per hour
4 pass 18square meters per hour
6 pass 12 square meters per hour
8 pass 8 square meters per hour
Ink: Water-based ink, pigment ink, eco solvent ink and sublimation ink
Software: Maintop 5.3 for rip and Control software
Heating system: In front of the working table and the fan for cooling system.
N/Gweight: 260kg
Shipping size: 3130*750*910mm

DX5 DX7 Head Eco solvent printer printing video

Maintop Software Design Video


DX5 DX7 Print Head maintenance Video

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